A list of all the course material I produced during my short (you won’t see me do a PhD or if I do, it will be a trick to try to murder some lazy PhD supervisors) academic life.

Quantum Computing

Git Repository (might be private during the teaching period)

This lecture is made to be as accessible as possible, while it was built for final year computer science students, it can be understood by anyone with basic linear algebra knowledge.

It was done with the much appreciated collaboration of Antoine Allard and Paul-Emile Morgades.

Yes I forgot a prime in the Bloch sphere parameterization but it was mostly a dry run to test our new delivery of Hagoromo chalks.

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Nicolas Boutry, PhD and Edouard Marchais, PhD for their academic support, supervision, rereading and pedagogy advices. Additionally, this lecture would not have been possible without the support of the GITM’s Lotus Noir Quantum Computing Research Group