A selection of my most funny and/or interesting projects. Please note that a lot projects listed on my CV are not displayed here due to the fact that they were recruitment or classified projects.


A (joke) neural network toolkit project written in shell language

Project Slides and Git Repository

Shortly after being admitted as student researcher at the EPITA System Laboratory, I though it was a good idea to go to the pub with my lab head and say to him “hey, you want to ear a really stupid idea? neural networks written in shell!”.

Thus I was expressly tasked to perform a LSE Lightning Talk about the subject, I then somehow convinced my friend and lab colleague Audran Doublet with an unreasonable amount of tacos to help me rush a quick prototype in the weekend.

146 commits and 3 days later, we finished a pretty functional toolkit written in zsh allowing to declare multi-layer perceptrons topology in a keras-ish layer-per-layer way, then train it or perform neuro-evolution on it at a basic level, the evaluation of CNNs was implemented but not the backpropagation on convolutional layers.

    # DELTA(n) = DELTA(n) * W_Tn
    matrix_mul 3< "$(tmp_name 4)" 4< "$dir/weights_t.dat" \
                     > "$(predict_name $layerid delta)"

It was pretty fun to work on it and gave us an occasion to refresh our memory on basic backpropagation formulas.